Speaker Session Title Session Description
Ross Bernstein, Ross Bernstein Speaking The Champion's Code Ross' program is all about the DNA of what makes champions in sports so unique and how that relates to business. It’s based on a series of books he wrote in which he was able to interview more than 1,000 professional athletes and coaches that all had one thing in common — they were all members of championship teams. In his research he concluded that the same metrics and characteristics that were common among champions in sports, were also common among peak performers in business. There are reasons certain teams win consistently, whereas others don't... and Ross explains why. It's based largely on the "Good to Great" concept of how the best companies are able to separate themselves from the rest of the pack through servant leadership, by creating a culture of excellence, by developing deeper relationships, and by giving extraordinary customer service. This session is sponsored by Cornell-Dubilier Electronics.
Dale Ford, ECIA Electronics Components Industry Analysis and Outlook:  What have we learned?  Where are we now? Where will we go? How?

In this session, Chief Analyst Dale Ford will share the latest ECIA research, analyze recent trends, and assess the current health of the supply chain. An exciting future will be explored with glimpses of technologies that will propel the electronics industry and the world into a bright future! The dizzying roller coaster ride of the past three years has taken the industry to new and unanticipated places as it hangs on through the jolts, twists and turns of an increasingly turbulent world. The demand for improved visibility on the supply chain has never been greater or more important. This has placed greater emphasis on the need for timely research from ECIA.

Monica Highfill, Women in Electronics Retaining and Recruiting Talent: Tips and Tricks

Retaining and recruiting talent goes far beyond career fairs and job postings. Monica Highfill, WE Executive Director and also known for her prior position as Vice President- Sales, Americas for KEMET/YAGEO, will take a deep dive into talent retention and recruitment. This session will educate us on the value of mentorship and inclusion, and how this plays a large role in retaining and recruiting critical talent. 

Dean Kamen, DEKA Research & Development Corporation, FIRST® How to Get Involved to Recruit & Retain Future Employees & Customers Dean Kamen will discuss how FIRST is the future for your workforce; ways to support your employees in mentorships, support FIRST teams and events, and using FIRST to hire and retain the best talent. This session is sponsored by Digi-Key Electronics and ROHM Semiconductor. 
Cynthia Kellam, TE Connectivity Post Pandemic Transformations: B2C Customer Expectations in a B2B World
B2B customers increasingly expect a frictionless customer-led experience, primarily served via self-serve digital channels at every step in their journey, from initial research through to purchase and post-sale activities. The shift in the B2B journey began prior to COVID-19, but since then has accelerated with the move to digital now being the most immediate and dramatic force changing B2B customer behaviors, and demanding change in commercial models. In this session you'll learn my top 5 recommendations for creating experiences, and internal cultures, that deliver on those ever-increasing customer expectations.

Barry Lawrence, Thomas & Joan Read Center for Distribution Research and Education, Texas A&M University

CANCELLED Round Table - Close Up Look at the TAMU Study

Texas A&M has been commissioned by ECIA to conduct new research to update a study that was first delivered over 20 years ago.  This presentation will deliver new, current analysis of the value of the authorized distribution channel for electronics manufacturers. In addition to analyzing the categories used in the previous study, this study updates the original study and quantifies new areas such as new value-added services (VAS), digitization of sales processes, focus on customer experience, development of analytics, demand creation, and strategies for generating, managing & sustaining growth. The study benefits electronics and electronic component manufacturers with a framework, methods and tools to analyze cost structures, go-to-market strategies, growth strategies and the value of distribution. Manufacturers can unlock significant value from distribution by building sales-channel strategy and execution. The study takes the customers’ point of view in connecting the supply chain.

Steve McClatchy, Alleer Training & Consulting Decide: Personal Leadership Your life is a product of your decisions. Your criteria for making decisions are at the very core of your effectiveness. Great decision-making habits can yield a lifetime of success and achievements while poor ones can keep you stressed, frustrated, and out of balance. Consistently improving your life and achieving your goals is not easy. The problem is that goals mean improvement, and improvement means change, and change is not always welcome. Just as a business must never stop learning, improving, and innovating to lead in the marketplace, as individuals we are faced with this same challenge. If you are interested in learning a decision-making system that can help you achieve more, overcome obstacles, and help you embrace the change that comes with improvement, this is a “don’t miss” presentation. This session is sponsored by the TTI Family of Specialists. 

Dennis Reed, 
Edgewater Research

Opportunities Out of Disruption  From Covid, to material shortages, to emerging technologies the industry has arguably never experienced a period of both supply and demand disruption like the one that we have all experienced since 2020. Despite this disruption, growth rates have soared, new business models have emerged, and we have all learned to operate differently than we did several years ago. In this presentation we will look back at the lessons learned over the past several years, but more importantly we will focus on the opportunities that have emerged from the disruption and how to position your business to capitalize.

Jeff Shaffer, Stroz Friedberg

Round Table - Cybersecurity Trends and Developments Understanding the current threats and trends related to threat actor tactics and procedures used to compromise your data and wreak havoc for your business operations. Learn how to best navigate an incident in your network to swiftly get you back to the business of your business.
Lynn Torrel, Flex Building Resilient Supply Chains

The past 2+ years have been a perfect storm for supply chains that began before the pandemic with trade and tariff wars. Current supply chains were built around low costs and efficiencies, with OEMs operating with significant flexibility by all parties in the ecosystem. This system works well in stable, near-ideal scenarios. Unfortunately, over the past few years, we've learned that such business processes and agreements drastically reduce resiliency during significant supply disruptions. With less-than-ideal conditions, the modern supply chain quickly breaks down. This presentation will examine traditional supply chain best practices and offer which should stay and which can be cast aside to move the industry forward.

Albert Vazquez, Sway Ventures - Moderator and Panel - Robert Sinclair, CrowdSmart; Sonita Lontoh, Sunrun; Tim Hill, Omron

Doing Well by Doing Good – How Corporate Purpose Translates into ESG Practice

Many firms commit to doing well by doing good. Should that surprise us? Come to hear a conversation on why and how the best innovative organizations interwind social and environmental goals through ESG. We’ll demystify Environmental, Social, and corporate Governance (ESG) practices. You’ll conclude it’s all about risk and opportunity management in the XXI century.

Cliff Waldman, New World Economics  Global Economic Update A range of shocks has created a moment of significant peril and uncertainty in the global economic outlook. A disruptive trade war, an historic pandemic, a dangerous and destabilizing war in the Ukraine, and the most rapid U.S. and global inflation in decades have significantly raised the potential for a near-term U.S. and global recession. Collectively, these challenges could leave marks on world economic functioning for years to come. Cliff Waldman will sort out this difficult picture in order to offer clarity and understanding of present challenges and the path ahead.