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Speaker Session Title Session Description
Alex Chausovsky

Economic and Labor Market Update – A Shift in Momentum

The US macro economy is firmly on the back side of the business cycle while several industrial sectors are traversing a mild recession. Aggressive interest rate policy decisions by the Fed mostly stamped out inflation, but they also stifled capital investment. Despite a resilient labor market, cracks are visible in the armor of US consumers, with delinquency rates for credit cards and auto loans flashing warning signs. On top of it all, it’s a presidential election year, which adds its own flavor of uncertainty. What does all this mean for your industry? This presentation will deliver practical and actionable advice designed to help business leaders and key decision makers plan for future economic conditions and continuously improve their organization’s strategic planning initiatives.

Attendees will walk away from the session with the following insights:

  • Time-sensitive economic events of concern such as inflation, interest rates, labor market conditions, consumer spending, business investment and industrial activity
  • Concrete advice on how to navigate the current macroeconomic climate and plan for the future
  • Tools that company leadership can use to become better data-driven decision makers in running their businesses
AmyK Hutchens Communicate to Connect

Imagine having the ideal set of communication skills to break down barriers, inspire action, heal relationships, solve problems and create real connection. What if you had the confidence and courage to share your ideas, speak with conviction and honor the worth of your own voice? You’d be unstoppable: both brilliant in business and happy in life. AmyK’s humor and wisdom shines through as she shares highly practical tools to help you navigate your toughest conversations without saying something you regret or giving your power away. AmyK’s Magical Phrases and communication techniques, used around the globe, have helped close multi-million dollar deals, save marriages, advance careers, heal family dynamics, and align leaders with their “right” and best lives.

Learning objectives:

  1. Master the Art of Effective Communication: Develop a comprehensive understanding of communication techniques to break down barriers, inspire action, and foster genuine connections.
  2. Enhance Confidence in Expressing Ideas: Cultivate the confidence and courage needed to articulate thoughts and ideas with conviction, ensuring your voice is heard and valued.
  3. Build Stronger Relationships Through Communication: Learn strategies to heal and strengthen professional and personal relationships by fostering open, honest, and empathetic communication.
  4. Develop Problem-Solving Skills Through Dialogue: Acquire skills in using effective communication to address and resolve challenges, both in business contexts and personal interactions.
  5. Create Authentic Connection: Explore methods for creating genuine connections with others through meaningful conversations, fostering trust and rapport.
  6. Apply Communication Skills in Leadership and Business: Gain practical insights on leveraging effective communication for leadership success, influencing positive outcomes in business interactions and team dynamics.
  7. Cultivate Personal and Professional Growth: Understand the transformative power of communication in personal development and career advancement, leading to greater fulfillment and success in both your professional and personal life.
Peter Leyden The Inexorables Technologies & Trends to Come

Tech Expert, Peter Leyden, explains both the new technologies and the megatrends that are all-but inevitable in the next 25 years - what he calls "The Inexorables." Leyden lays out the next waves of tech changes inexorably coming in Infotech (like near-ubiquitous AI), Biotech (like genetic engineering) and Energy Tech (like renewable energy and electric transportation) that will add up to an economic long boom. He also explains the key generational shifts and demographic changes, as well as important global trends, that he believes will shape our future in profound and mostly positive ways. 

David Loftus, ECIA

ECIA State of the Association

David Loftus will give an update on the Association, projects, membership and more.

Jim, Platzer 

Think Outside Our Perceived Limitations

In this session, Jim Platzer transports you to the world he experiences each day. Through his story, Jim conveys a message of self-empowerment that can change how you perceive and react to personal and organizational challenges.

Jim’s goal in life is serving others. His product is emotional innovation that will leverage your organization’s greatest tactical assets — people and purpose.

As the former president of a high-volume distribution facility for a Fortune 200 company, Jim was forced into an early retirement due to retinitis pigmentosa, a genetic degenerative disease that leads to blindness. During a challenging transition, Jim focused on knocking down barriers that blocked his future success. One of those barriers was his mobility. He turned to Leader Dogs for the Blind, who matched him with a dog and trained him to experience the world in an entirely new way.

Jim’s message? Your most important sense is your sense of purpose.

His story is relatable and will invite you to live a life of exceeding expectations, innovating, and defining your own destiny.

Sam Rad

Radical Next and AI

Coming soon.